The Wonderful Story of Esther

Conversations and Interviews - Part 9

March 25, 2021



Steven Wedgeworth is currently preaching through the book of Esther and invited me, Devon Phillips, and James Bejon to join him for a discussion of the book, hosted on my podcast.

Within this conversation we reference several treatments of the book. Here are a few:

Steven Wedgeworth
Sermons on Esther:

Devon Phillips
A Meditation on Purim:
Twitter thread on Esther:

James Bejon
Esther and Agag:
Esther: A Literary Analysis:
Esther: Mechanics and Messianics:

Alastair Roberts
Unraveling the Mysteries of the Book of Esther:

Other Videos
AlephBeta Purim videos (especially those with Rabbi David Fohrman):
Bible Project: Esther Overview:

Sandra Teplinsky, Purim 2016 and Easter Week: Prophetic Parallels:
James Jordan, Biblical Horizons newsletter series on Esther (November 2009 to June 2013)

James Jordan, Witness or Perish:
James Jordan, Themes in Esther:

Rabbi David Fohrman, The Queen You Thought You Knew:
Jon Levenson, Esther [Old Testament Library]:
Adele Berlin, Esther [JPS Bible Commentary]:
Yoram Hazony, God and Politics in Esther:
Michael V. Fox, Character and Ideology in the Book of Esther:
Anthony Tomasino, Esther [Evangelical Exegetical Commentary]:

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